J. Montgomery

In 2018 I bought a house in Peterborough and found Angie Chapman through her website. I liked the premise of her business – that she put the client first, not only in matters of taste and style, but also in terms of the process and how she and the client work together.
From the moment we met, I found Angie to be flexible, personable and fun to work with. My new home was a big project, as I had virtually no furniture, so we were starting from scratch. For a little over a year, Angie and I worked closely together and met often, usually once or twice a week.
I was delighted with the process am totally delighted by the result. My home is filled with things that I love, that feel like ‘me’. Angie and I worked together to create that result. Some of her ideas – painting the guest room chest of drawers bright red, using two styles of dining chairs – were things I would never had thought of or dared to do, but that add another level of surprise and delight to my home.
Another benefit of using Angie was that she had connections to reliable and skilled tradespeople – painters, cabinet makers, construction people for some minor remodelling, tile and carpet installers, and so on, which made the process much easier than if I had had to source and hire them myself.
People say to me, ‘But using a designer is so expensive!’. My response is always that using a designer has saved me time but also has saved me money – the money I would have spent buying things that didn’t create the end result I really wanted. An unexpected benefit from working with Angie was that I developed more confidence in my own taste and purchasing decisions as I selected things and she (most of the time) agreed with my choices…and when she didn’t agree, could explain why that wasn’t a good choice, so I learned a lot along the way.
I highly recommend Angie Chapman and Interiors Just For You. Thanks to her, the year-plus process of outfitting my new house was a joy and I now delight in living in a home that pleases me in every respect.